Trademarks can be a name, slogan, logo, color, sound, smell which identify a product or service that comes from a particular source. Trademarks are imprinted on product labels, displays, newspapers, websites causing consumers to associate your unique business identity with a particular quality and comfort. A savvy business owner will secure its business identity through trademark registration. Thus, whether you are in the market to create a memorable name or already have one developed, we can help you protect your unique business identity.


Copyrights apply to anyone who seeks to protect their original creative works offered in tangible form-whether recorded or written. Copyrights exist in items such as books, websites, architectural drawings, fashion drawings, blueprints, scripts, software, photographs, music and advertising. A copyright is established upon completion of the work rather than through registration. However, a copyright registration provides substantial advantages to the copyright holder, particularly in cases of infringement.