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Who we are

ESPINAR LAW, PLLC is a boutique Intellectual Property Law Firm offering trademark, copyright and coordinated legal services. We serve individuals, small businesses and large corporations by protecting their valuable brands and creative works across a broad range of industries and technologies. Our litigation practice includes a wide variety of intellectual property disputes, domain name disputes (cybersquatting) and other various civil legal matters. We pride ourselves on being our client’s strategic partner by providing in-depth knowledge and experience, personalized service, innovation and cost-effective legal services.

What we do

Trademark Registration Process:

  • Selection of the mark

  • Search and Clearance

  • Application

  • Prosecution

Trademark Maintenance

Declarations and renewal applications

Trademark Counseling, Audit and Portfolio Management

Trademark Monitoring

Alerts you of any identical and confusingly similar marks

Trademark Compliance

Ensures proper use of company trademarks

Trademark Enforcement

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Trademark Opposition Proceeding

  • Trademark Cancellation Proceeding

  • Federal Litigation - Infringement and Dilution

Trademark Agreements

  • Assignment

  • Licensing

  • Consent

  • Co-existence

  • Concurrent Use


  • Clearance

  • Application

  • Prosecution

  • Litigation

Copyright Agreements

  • License

  • Assignment

  • Work for Hire

  • Entertainment Agreements

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Trademarks are source indicators used to prevent public confusion. They take a variety of forms including words, logos, color, sound, scent, packaging, movement, or other designation of source. In the marketplace, they appear on product labels, stationary, promotional materials, advertising-campaigns and the like causing consumers to associate a brand with a particular quality and comfort. Businesses use trademarks to build consumer recognition, brand reputation and public goodwill in connection with the associated goods and services they provide. In fact, a brand will frequently represent the majority of a company’s total assets. Click here to learn about our trademark services.


Copyright law protects original creative works offered in fixed tangible form. Copyrights exist in advertisements, websites-text, graphics-overall site, technical drawings, computer programs, photographs, music and books to name a few. A copyright is established upon completion of the work rather than through registration. However, a copyright registration provides substantial advantages to the copyright holder, particularly in cases of infringement. Click here to learn about our copyright services.